Interactive Development Leader Providing Experience, Skill, and Leadership.

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What I Rock

Beautiful and Engaging User Experience
User Experience & Interface

Is your site’s experience flat and boring? I used our industry’s latest trends and best practices for architecting and building innovative UIs.

Attention to Detail in everything that we do
Attention to Detail

You quickly learn attention to detail in the military and I’m proud that I graduated as a member of the Honor Platoon in basic.

Strong business to business relationships

Client Facing

Collaboration is monument to any project’s success and I have an instinctive way of effectively communicating and displaying my commitment to my client’s success.

Full Stack Developer

I’m proficient with several programming languages & web technologies such as: PHP, ReactJS, NodeJS and of course traditional HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Efficient Project Management

You’ll find that I’m dedicated to crossing the finish line…even when stakeholders throw in 11th hour changes.

Performance Optimization

Does your site take more than 3secs to load? If so, your bounce rate is likely 90+% and you’re losing potential leads.

I provide performance audits and a clear plan to resolution.